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Wunderlich County Park

Wunderlich County Park

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March 17th, 2001

4 miles
805 vertical feet
Total Time: 2:25

Rating: 5/10

Directions: From San Francisco, take 280 South to Woodside Road. Turn right and follow Woodside Road past Robert's Grocery. The road will curve to the left, then go into a long straight-away. Near the end of the straight-away, be on the lookout for the park entrance on your right. If you reach the next intersection and start climbing up toward Skyline, you've gone too far. In fact, if you reach that intersection, make sure you make a left turn (yielding to oncoming traffic) instead of a right, or else it'll be a really long time before you can make a u-turn.   View Driving Map

When Jason, Jean, Jennie, Judy, Olivier, and I arrived at Wunderlich County Park the parking lot was nearly full. We found places to park, however, and were soon heading up the Bear Gulch Trail on a beautiful sunny, warm late winter's day.

Now, we were supposed to continue on the Bear Gulch Trail up to the Meadows. But somewhere along the switchbacks we got side-tracked onto the Loop Trail. I didn't realize this until after the hike, however, and spent much of the hike somewhat confused by our orientation. The Loop Trail took us to the Alambique Trail, which we continued our hike on.

Lunch stop

As the parking lot suggested the park had quite a few people, some of them hiking but many of them riding horses. Thankfully there were no mountain bikers. After an hour or so into the hike we found a nice spot to stop for a lunch break -- a couple of large rocks perfect for sitting on right next to the trail.

Jean and Jennie standing below the redwoods

After lunch we continued along the Alambique Trail. We passed a huge redwood -- over 12 feet in diameter. Shortly thereafter we reached the Redwood Grove, a nice collection of redwoods next to Alambique Creek. After enjoying the trees we retraced our steps and turned onto the unsigned Bear Gulch Trail and then turned veered right onto the Oak Trail.

Jean looking up at the redwoods by the creek

Continuing downhill on the Meadow Trail we suddenly found ourselves back on the Alambique Trail, at which point I was thoroughly confused because I still hadn't realized we'd taken a wrong turn onto the Loop Trail. Nonetheless, we took the right fork and took the Alambique Trail back all the way to the parking lot.

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